Fo-Go were born from the idea of Rocky Gio (Rumatera) and Stefano Fabretti (Peter Punk) to start punk hardcore band inspired by the New Yorkese hardcore scene but keeping the direct and everyday use of the Venice dialect as a language.
Buraz (Danny Trejo, Snow Animal) on the drums and Ketto (Talco) on the bass and vocals completed the line-up.
After the recording sessions for the first album Fabretti left the band and Fo-Go settled as a trio.
Fo-Go started playing live in 2013 at Home Festival in Treviso (Italy) on La Grande V Records stage and they issued the album Svejate for this label on may 25th, 2014.
At the end of 2014 Eulo (Hilimoni - Arsenale's - Lupo) replaced Buraz on the drums.